Our Sweet Potato Operation


At Scott Farms, we do business by one simple rule: Give the customer a great product with great service. As a result, Scott Farms is recognized as one of the highest-quality packer/shippers in the sweet potato business, both in the U.S. and Europe. We understand that every customer demands something different, and we offer many options to satisfy their needs.

Quality, however, is only as good as the sweet potatoes themselves. That is why we put our name only on sweet potatoes grown on our farm. We produce the seeds that sprout our commercial sweet potatoes and manage every facet of production right here on our farm. We take pride in producing the best for our customers.

Scott Farms is able to offer fresh, flavorful sweet potatoes on a year-round basis thanks to our careful harvesting techniques and state-of-the-art storage and packaging facilities.

Varieties, Varieties, Varieties

Our sweet potato operation, managed by Dewey Scott, includes growing the crop, managing the sweet potato packing, storage and shipping lines, and the marketing and sales of sweet potatoes to the fresh market, foodservice, and processing industries. This year, we are growing 1,900 acres of six sweet potato varieties.

We are one of only a few North Carolina producers who grow superb quality, micropropagated sweet potatoes in conjunction with N.C. State’s Micropropagation Unit. We grow the Covington variety exclusively for our commerical sweet potatoes. We also grow Beauregard, O’Henry, Hernandez, Carolina Ruby, Porto Rico and Japanese varieties, which are very popular among non-commercial growers and home gardeners.

Certified Seed for Commercial Production

Besides growing and selling micropropagated plant material, we are also a certified seed producer of many different varieties of sweet potatoes. We grow and sell both first and second generation certified seed for commercial production. The key to growing a top-quality crop of sweet potatoes is to begin with good seed. There have been many studies conducted proving that sweet potato yield and quality will deteriorate rapidly if seed stocks are not updated at least every three years. We ship our seed in 40 lb. boxes as well as bulk bins.

Plants/Slips for Sale to
Small Growers/Home Gardeners

Whether you are a small grower or home gardener, Scott Farms can provide you with the varieties you need to grow better sweet potatoes. We have many different varieties to choose from and can ship any size of order you require, so call for specific pricing and information. We start shipping our plants/slips in May and continue through July.

Technology Improves Product

Over the years, we have modified our processing/packing line to increase efficiency and handling and implement improved technology.

Because of heavy demand, especially from increased sales in Europe, we have to run two eight-hour shifts during the winter months.
Using mechanical sizing and strict inspection standards, we provide retail and foodservice customers with a variety of sizes to meet their needs.

Scott Farms employs the most current and updated packing, storage, and cooling technology available today, ensuring a consistent, quality, year-round supply of sweet potatoes that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We have expanded our storage area to accommodate one million bushels of sweet potatoes, and we offer state of the art storage to ensure optimal product quality.

Scott Farms sells sweet potatoes in 40 lb. cartons, 20 lb. cartons, 6 kg cartons, bulk containers, as well as 3 lb. bags and microwaveables. Sweet potatoes sold in the U.S. markets are branded as Scott Farms, Sonny's Pride, and Dri-Pak, while Dri-Pak and Scott Farms are our primary European brands.

 Custom Gift Boxes

About five years ago, Scott Farms started selling sweet potatoes in gift boxes to customers from our website. Our 6-, 12-, and 36-count sweet potato gift boxes of hand-selected and hand-packaged sweet potatoes are shipped directly from our farm to the customer’s door. Upon request, we will even pack a gift box with specific-sized sweet potatoes. 

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