Sweet Potato Plants and Seeds
Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis and we encourage early ordering.
We take orders year round, though we ship May-June, and will be glad to get yours on file as soon as possible.

Please note: Consideration for weather conditions and typical restraints on plant harvesting must be taken so that we can get you the freshest and best plants available. We cannot guarantee that the plants will arrive at your requested date, though we will work with you as much as possible. If orders are placed later than mid-March, it is not guaranteed that you will receive slips when we first begin shipping, or during the month of May. We will call you a few days before we ship to confirm your order and we will not charge you with payment until order ships.

 PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer offer bundling services.

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Good sweet potatoes start with good seed. Sweet potato seed has to be updated constantly because it loses quality rapidly from one year to the next. Viruses can quickly infect an entire crop, resulting in low yields, poor quality, and misshapen roots. Scott Farms is one of only a few farms in the world that grow micropropagated, virus-indexed plants for sweet potato production.

Micropropagation involves eliminating all viruses that may affect the growing potential of a sweet potato plant. This is not a genetic alteration in any way. This process simply brings the plant back to its original state-free of all viruses and other afflictions.

Scott Farms purchases "mother plants" directly from the NC State micropropagation center. Then they are reproduced by propagating small cuttings and transplanting them into hanging baskets. The "mother plants" are reproduced and monitored in specially-designed greenhouses. Every plant in our greenhouse has a record. In the event of a virus outbreak, each infected plant and its relatives are removed and destroyed. This is done to ensure that only the highest-quality sweet potato plants reach our fields.

Virus-indexed plants mean amazing yields, uniform roots, and outstanding storage capabilities. This program was created so commercial growers could obtain better seed stock, thus producing higher-quality sweet potatoes on less acreage. Whether you are a commercial grower or just need a few plants for your garden, Scott Farms can provide you with the plant you need to grow a better sweet potato.
Sweet Potato Plants

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Laying in the Field
Every sweet potato plant order is sent with specific step-by-step instructions for growing. We have many different varieties to choose from and can ship any size order you require, so call for specific pricing and information. We start shipping our plants/slips in May/June.

Order Your Sweet Potato Plants/Slips NOW!